A glass of Karst Teran at every meal

We are a family farm with a long tradition of self-cultivation of grapes and wine. Our vineyards are situated in old little Karst town, called Tomaj. Our grapes ripens on the sunny slopes of Tomaj hills, which in addition to the diligently work, providing the top quality wine.

Our offer currently includes sales of open and bottled wine Karst Teran.
At our house we can offer you a tour of the cellar with a tasting of local wines and cold meat platters, Karst specialties.
So you can try our wine before you buying it. Welcome! (Advance notice or call is required)

Na Krasu je krasno - nikdar ni pretiho, nikdar ni preglasno: vsi so zmeraj na dobrem glasu, na Krasu (M. Košuta)